Why are more and more people enjoying walks in the countryside as a way of keeping fit? But as I prefer a gentle stroll to running to the top of the nearest hill, then you probably enjoy hiking as much as I do.

Forget hardcore hiking, TikTok’s latest fitness trend is all about slowing down and meandering at your own pace, rather than scrambling to run a kilometre or more in record time.

Though hiking may not be for everyone, depending on what your fitness level or walking ability is.

Many enjoy the feeling of strolling, like a return to the intimacy of nature. Hiking is not about pushing yourself to the limit or ticking something off. Soft hiking is about spending time in nature and the sheer joy of moving your body.

The key to soft hiking is to take your time, observe your surroundings, and stop periodically for water and snacks. It’s not done with some extreme purpose in mind, take your time and connect with nature and appreciate it.
No matter who you are, easy hiking will be a very unique way to travel!