As we transition from summer to autumn, skincare enthusiasts have a unique reason to celebrate: September marks the beginning of the changing skincare season. It’s the perfect time to explore the world of fresh, refined skin. In the treatment skills I’m sharing here, I’ll cover everything you need to know about peels, from what they are and how they work, to the various types available, their benefits, and key aspects of pre- and post-peel care.

There are several reasons why September is the best month for peels. After the summer months of sun exposure, your skin needs extra care. As summer comes to an end, September’s UV rays become milder, reducing the risk of post peel hyperpigmentation. Additionally, the cooler weather of autumn minimises sweating and irritation during the peeling process, thus increasing your comfort level.

It’s important to note that your skin will also absorb skincare products better in autumn. So starting your beauty journey in September ensures the best results for holiday gatherings. During those celebratory, photo-prepared moments, your glow from within will be fully utilised and glamorous!